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A Mysterious Encounter on Bute. Mazhur and Haroon are on the Island of Bute on a wrestling tournament. Mazhur is fascinated by a shipwreck and the legend of Captain Manx. Not illustrated. Grade 4 -7.

A Gift from the Heart. An Eid Story. Jawad and Asmahan struggle to part with their toys for the school Eid gift drive. They both learn an important lesson about caring, sharing, love and kindness. Not illustrated. Grade 4 - 6.

Abu Firas the Fanoos Maker: A Ramadan Tale.  Abu Firas goes from door to door giving all the children in the neighborhood a lantern so they can welcome the blessed month. On the night of the Ramadan moon the children and Abu Firas go out with their lanterns and little red bags to collect treats from family and friends. The children sing the Ramadan song and then settle down to listen to a story. Illustrated. Gr 1 - 4.

Abu Saeed’s Eid Goat: This is an Eid-ul-Adha story. Abu Saeed and his wife are poor and try hard to sell some of their belongings to buy an Eid goat but every time they do someone comes along in need of help. Not illustrated. Gr 3-5.

Ali Hasaan and the Eid Jinn: Ali Hasaan is by far the laziest boy in the village. As he sneaks out of his house to join his good-for-nothing friends he finds himself taking shelter in a cave to escape the sudden strong winds. Fear grips Ali Hasaan when a booming voice threatens to imprison him. Not illustrated. Gr 3 -6.

Arslaan’s Shoes An Eid Story: Arslaan loves his shoes but they are old and worn and patched in so many places. His neighbors buy him a new pair as an Eid gift. Arsalaan throws away his old shoes but the unexpected happens. Not illustrated. Gr 3 – 5.

Baba Salaam and the Bag of Gold: Baba Salaam is a weaver with a beautiful voice. Every day children visit him to recite Qur’an. A rich man moves into the town. When he counts his money he gets annoyed by Baba Salaam’s voice. He decides to put an end to the weaver’s Qur’anic recitation. Not illustrated. Gr 3- 6

Eid Mubarak!: Every Eid, Hamza participates in the mosque activities taking Eid gifts to neighbors like Mrs. Lewis. This time he and his friend drop a gift off to an old man and find out some interesting things about Eids around the world. Not illustrated. Gr 4 – 6.

Eid Mubarak Mr. Meetah: Meetah Sahib is a grumpy old man. He doesn’t laugh or smile. Wherever he goes, he always wears a frown. When he sees children playing, he yells at the top of his voice, “Be quiet!” He is the grumpiest old man anyone has ever seen. Not surprisingly, he lives all by himself. Little Haaris feels sad for Mr. Meetah and decides to see if he can bring a little Eid love into the old man’s life. Illustrated. Grade 2 – 5.

Gohar and Rujza, An Eid Story: Gohar was a tailor, he never missed his prayers and whatever little he had he always shared with the poor. This is what won him the admiration of Farah, his wife to be. Gohar’s wedding day was the best day of his life. He felt that he had married the kindest girl in the whole wide world. Everyone was happy except Rujza who was a staunch miser. He had expected tall, beautiful Farah to marry him but Farah did not care for the miser. Ruzja makes life very difficult for Gohar and Farah but their strong love for God helps them overcome their hardship with patience and taqwa. Not illustrated. Gr 5 and up.

Haleem and Kaleem An Eid Story: The villagers are fed up with Haleem and Kaleem's laziness and ask them to leave. The boys try hard to bring the villagers an Eid gift but every time they do something ruins their surprise. When they eventually return to say a final goodbye a surprise awaits them. Illustrated. Gr 2- 5.

Hansel and Gretel: This is a retelling of the traditional fairy tale. Not illustrated. Grade 2 -4.

Hena’s Eid Dress: Hena’s mom makes her the most beautiful dress for Eid. On her way to spend her Eid money Hena helps a lady by carrying her sack of potatoes.  Accidentally she ruins her new dress with the dirt on the sack. Hena is heartbroken. Her mother shares an important lesson that dresses come and go but good deeds last forever. Later in the day there is a knock at the door. Who could it be? A surprise awaits Hena. Not illustrated. Gr 3 – 5.

Henna on my Hands: This is a short story of a girl who loves to wear henna for Eid. Illustrated. Grade KG - 3.

Ihtisham and the Eid Shoes: The story of a poor boy and his grandfather who love Allah. When they see each other’s worn out shoes amongst the other shoes in the mosque they plan how they can buy each other Eid shoes. Despite their resolve the unexpected happens. Not illustrated. Grade 2 – 5.

Jameel and the Date Palm: This story is an adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. Not illustrated. Gr 2- 3.

Jidda Henna and the Eid Competition: They affectionately called her Jidda Henna because of her special gift. She made the most beautiful henna patterns. Batala however is jealous.  When the queen declares an Eid competition for the best henna artist Jidda and Batala are eager to participate but along the way Jidda stops to help someone in need. Who will win the henna competition now? Not illustrated. Gr 3 – 6.

Jihad Bin Taye and the Jar of Gold: Jihad goes to Mecca and Jerusalem so gives his friend a jar of gold for safe-keeping. He returns after a long time. When he tries to get his jar of gold back his friend pretends he doesn’t know what Jihad is talking about. Finally the case goes before a judge. Not illustrated. Gr 4-6

Jumu’ah Jalal: Jalal is an orphan working for a rich man. One day while at the mosque he listens to hadith and verses about jumu’ah. Jalal tries his best to share what he has learned. The rich man has a dream that Jalal will inherit everything he has. Filled with anger and contempt he makes a plan which has a surprising end. Not illustrated. Gr 4 - 6

Little Red Kufi: This is an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Kufi’s mom asks him to take a basket of dates to the mosque for iftar. The big, bad camel jumps out in the date palm and tries to coax Little Red Kufi to break his fast. Not illustrated. Gr K – 3.

Little Red Shayla: This is a retelling of the traditional fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Not illustrated. Grade 2-4.

Maitha’s Shoes A Ramadan Story: Maitha’s shoes are old. Her mother takes her shopping in Ramadan to get a new pair. Maitha loves her new shoes and wears them to the tarawih prayer.  But she’s worried they may get lost, when the prayer is over an unpleasant surprise awaits her. Illustrated. Gr K – 3.

Mikaeel Adam and the Grandfather Carpet: A Hajj tale about a weaver who spends years making a beautiful carpet that he hopes to sell so he can carry out his grandfather’s wish of performing the Hajj. When the magnificent carpet is finished sudden misfortune strikes and Mikaeel comes to the rescue of his poverty stricken neighbors. Not illustrated. Gr 5 and up.

Queen Agarbati’s Secret: Queen Agarbati has a secret that she has been hiding for years. This is a story about personal empowerment. No illustrations. Gr 3 -5.

Ruby Stiltskin. This story is set in a school and is an adaptation of Rumpelstiltskin. Not illustrated. Gr 3 - 6

Run, Run, Hibby Run!. An Eid-ul-Adha story about a sheep that Hessa, Hamed, Hina and Hadi feel needs to run. A craft activity accompanies the file. Illustrated. Gr. K - 2

Sweet Nena Welcomes Eid-ul-Adha: Sweet Nena creates beautiful memories for the children around her. She decorates her home, makes delicious treats like peppermint stars, toffee crescents and chocolate beads. She takes Eid gifts to the poor and needy and loves to look up in to the sky and say, “I love you, Allah.” Illustrated. Gr 3 -5.

The Drummer of Dushang: This story is an adaptation of The Pied Piper. It is an empowerment story of a young man who is not afraid to question authority or demonstrate his love for God. Illustrated. Gr 5 and up.

The Eid Pinata: A broken boat narrates his story of how he became part of family’s Eid celebration. Not illustrated. Gr 3 – 4.

The Eid Show: Rufaydah practices her steps for the Eid show but struggles to remember them. Sania does something terrible to Rufaydah. How can Rufaydah be in the Eid show now? Not illustrated. Gr 4- 5.

The Enormous Date: This is a retelling of the traditional fairy tale The Enormous Turnip. Not illustrated. Grade 2-4.

The Jilbab Maker An Eid Story: Sitty Widad makes the best jilbabs around but they are only for the poor. A rich and greedy queen demands that Sitty make her a jilbab for Eid. When Sitty refuses she is thrown in jail. The queen wonders what makes Sitty so happy despite spending time in jail. Sitty replies, “The Qur’an is my gold, Salah is my silver, and the smiles of the poor are my diamonds. These are my treasures.”  Eventually the queen embarks on a remarkable journey that brings changes to her heart and soul. Illustrated. Gr 1 and up.

The Jinn and the Samosah Maker An Eid Story: This story has been adapted from The Shoemaker and the Elves. Not illustrated. Gr 3 -5.

The Jinn Who Stole Eid: This story has been adapted from How The Grinch Stole Christmas! By Dr. Seuss. Jippy the Jinn does terrible things on the night before Eid. When the morning of Eid prayer comes around Jippy is shocked by what he sees. Not illustrated. Gr 2 – 4.

The Little Red Rooster: It’s Eid time and the Little Red Rooster is making samosahs. He asks Duck, Cat and Dog to help but they won’t. This is an interactive story and adapted from the Little Red Hen. Not illustrated. Gr K – 2.

The Poor Farmer and the Rich Merchant: A humorous story about a poor farmer who takes an Eid gift to the sultan. His arrogant and rich neighbor gets jealous and decides to outdo the poor farmer. Not illustrated. Gr 3 – 5.

The Poor Widow: An Eid Story. In a small wooden hut lives a poor widow with her five children. Jobs are hard to come by so the widow has no money saved for Eid. She can’t even buy flour and potatoes let alone sew new clothes for her children. A stranger is passing through and asks if she can spend Eid with the widow. The widow invites the stranger to her home but worries what she can offer her Eid guest. Not illustrated. Gr 4 – 5.

The Ragamuffin Boy: The days of Eid are near and the town is eagerly awaiting the Grand Sheikh of Nurimal. The ragamuffin boy wishes the Sheikh could visit his home but he knows that someone as poor as himself could never be that fortunate. A weary and handsome young stranger on his way to town asks for the boy’s help. Surprising events unfold after the stranger accepts the hospitality of the poor boy and his old grandmother. Not illustrated. Gr 4 -6.

The Ramadan Drummer: There is excitement all around as the Ramadan moon is sighted. Abu Taha takes out his drum and gets ready to wake the people for sahoor. Everyone is happy until a rich man moves into the town. The rich man does not like the noise from the drum at sahoor time so he thinks of a plan to take the drum away. Illustrated. Gr 1 – 3.

The Shabby Sheep: The animals are gathered during Eid-Ul-Adha hoping to be picked as the Udhiyah. Sheep's feelings are hurt by the animals who try to make up for their unkindness. Then they wait to see which of them is picked for the Eid sacrifice. A surprise awaits them. Illustrated. Gr K – 2.

The Shoemaker’s Daughters: This is an Eid-ul-Adha tale. A number of different cultures have variations of this story. In this adaptation Faziludeen is a shoemaker and doesn’t even have money to buy a chicken let alone an Eid goat. As his three daughters walk back home they begin to sniff the delicious fragrance of greedy jeweler Zoosha's Eid dinner. Zoosha accuses the girls of stealing the smell his Eid food and insists on taking them to the judge. Not illustrated. Gr 2 – 5.

The Three Little Camels: This is an adaptation of the Three Little Pigs. Not illustrated. Gr 1 -2.

Tina A Ramadan Story: Tina doesn't have many friends....... in fact she doesn't have any. That's because Tina always pushes. Can she change in Ramadan? Illustrated. Grade Pre K-2.

Umm Badoor’s Ramadan Gaimat: Umm Badoor makes the best gaimat in the whole wide world. But she only makes them in Ramadan. When Umm Badoor sees the Ramadan moon, she cooks all night long adding her secret ingredients to make her delicious gaimat. Illustrated. Gr 1 – 4.

Usamah and the Eid Thieves: Every Eid thieves ride into a village and steal food and valuables. Usamah decides they need to visit the Wushu Master to get help. Not illustrated. Gr 3 - 5

Wake Up Waheed! A Ramadan Tale: No one can get Waheed up at sahoor. They try so many ways. Will anything work?  Not illustrated. Gr K-2.

What’s Wrong With Rauf? A Ramadan Story: Rauf who always has a big appetite is not eating lunch at school. The children wonder why? Not illustrated. Grade K – 2.

Yan A Hajj Story: Yan is a kind man who sacrifices his Hajj savings to help other people. Illustrated. Gr 1 – 4.

Zinjabeel: A Ramadan Story. Zinjabeel prays for many good and wonderful things to happen in the world. Every day Zinjabeel and her grandmother pass a dress shop. Zinjabeel gazes longingly at the red dress in the shop window. Her grandmother doesn’t have enough money for the dress so she decides to make one. When the dress is finally ready there is a knock at the door. A little girl dressed in rags asks for dates. Zinjabeel decides she needs to give the girl more than food. Illustrated. Gr 1 – 3.





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